Our Vision, Mission, and Expected Outcomes

Florida/Leon County Tourism Position

A hallmark event of Legacy Communities of North Florida, Inc. is the Juke Joint Jam Florida (JJJF). JJJF is an annual music and cultural festival.  The first one was held on June 2, 2018 at Carr Lake in Tallahassee, Florida.

The belief is that the cultural and social traditions of north Florida legacy communities deserve permanent and active 1) recognition, 2) celebration, and 3) preservation to ensure sense of place, contribution, and value are retained and shared regardless as to how the winds of change blow. Further, the unique history of North Florida Legacy Communities is a marketable asset, belonging to the ancestors of the people who lived it. Thus, the Juke Joint Jam Florida Festival is one way that history is packaged to produce  collective economic impact. In this sense, JJJF functions as a funding stream to address acute and chronic needs experienced by socio-economically disadvantaged individuals in Tallahassee-Leon County and surrounding counties.

Our Offerings

The Juke Joint Jam Florida’s offering of cultural experiences that once proliferated the region will include:

  • Premier DJ performances,
  • Relaxed social connections associated with Turkey Shoots (without actual shooting of any kind),
  • Great musical performances and exhilarating dancing reminiscent of the Chitlin Circuit and Juke Joints, and
  • Varied food tasting and preparation demonstrations (e.g, pork cracklings).  

These cultural traditions still exist in north Florida, however, are under recognized and celebrated and declining at an alarming rate.

Our Mission

To celebrate and recognize the culture of north Florida legacy communities through the annual Juke Joint Jam Florida, held in Leon County.  The event will support local issues that promote the greater good:

  1. Seed trusts and scholarship funds for youth;
  2. Assist the elderly with home repair and quality of life purchases;
  3. Establish historical markers and exhibits to document contributions of legacy figures, significant events, and places;
  4. Support local agro-economic development and expansion;
  5. Advocate for veterans and their families and strategies that (a) combat chronic diseases and racial discrimination and division, and (b) promote cross-cultural bonding;
  6. Provide information and technical assistance for Family Heirs’ Property Resolution; and
  7. Support financially historic preservation in Gadsden, Jefferson, Jackson, Leon, and Madison counties.


Our Vision

The premier festival in Florida offering authentic north Florida cultural experiences  infused with premier DJ performances, socializing of Turkey Shoots, and great concert performances reminiscent of the Chitlin Circuit/Juke Joints.

Our Expected Outcomes

 JJJF’s initial support through private and public resources will produce positive Leon County and regional development outcomes that are economic, social, civic, and community-based to include:

  1. Florida residents that normally expend their tourism dollars in other states within the region are retained to address local needs;
  2. Increased tax revenues from import tourist, generated from hotel stays and other spending improve and ensure North Florida’s viability which attracts new businesses and residents;
  3. North Florida gains recognition as an attractive and affordable tourist destination for individuals, families, and groups with or without familial connections to Legacy Communities;
  4. Increased recognition and celebration of the cultural, social, and musical traditions and contributions of Legacy Communities;
  5. Continuous and repeat tourist visitation tied to history markers that describe significant events, people, and structures arising from Legacy Communities; and
  6. Improved quality of life for socially disadvantaged individuals and families in the region resulting from annual revenue produced by the Juke Joint Jam Florida.

Collective Visions



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