June 29, 2019

500 Cedar Hill Road  Tallahassee, FL 32328

Carr Lake on Orchard Pond Plantation 


Our History

Celebrating The Musical And Cultural History of North Florida Legacy Communities

In 2004, Dr. Sandra H. Thompson, a legacy member of historic Barrow Hill Community in Leon County began reflecting on the cultural, social, spiritual, and musical traditions that shaped the trajectory of Barrow Hill families and Leon County. Those reflections inspired the development of Legacy Communities of North Florida, Inc. (LCNF, Inc.). Legacy Communities are communities that evolved on and from Gadsden, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, and Madison’s cotton plantations in north Florida. Historically, these five counties represent counties with the largest plantation economies. Further, African American sweat equity established north Florida as an economic engine providing the foundational basis for all that exists today. African American culture and social norms are central to what makes north Florida an attractive place to live and work. For example, the 1860 census documented that African Americans were the largest population in Leon County, consisting of slaves and freedmen. In considering the economic challenges that African Americans still face 158 years later, Dr. Thompson determined that remembering, recognizing and celebrating the indisputable contributions of African Americans to north Florida was not enough. Thus, in 2017, the Juke Joint Jam Florida was conceived as an annual LCNF, Inc. mechanism to address a variety of issues that present chronic problems for socio-economically disadvantaged populations in north Florida, regardless of race.

Our Inspiration

Our 2018/2019 Leadership Team:


Our 2017/2018 Leadership Team:

Dr. S. Thompson, Mr. A. Logan, Mrs. N. Logan, Mr. M. Monroe, Mr. A. Washington, and Dr. M. Simmons.

How We Give Back And Who Benefits Annually From The Juke Joint Jam Florida? 

  • Provide seed trusts and scholarship funds for youth;
  • Assist the elderly with home repair and quality of life purchases;
  • Establish historical markers and exhibits to document contributions of legacy figures, significant events and all communities;
  • Support and sponsor local agronomic development/local food hubs;
  • Advocate for veterans and their families and strategies that combat chronic diseases and racial discrimination and division;
  • Provide information and technical assistance for Family Heirs’ Property Resolution; and
  • Support and sponsor historic preservation/celebration events in Gadsden, Jefferson, Jackson, Leon, and Madison counties as funds are available.





Juke Joint Hall of Famers

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North Florida Grassroots DJ Hall of Fame

Disco Louie Louie – From Barrow Hill Community