Date: June 29, 2019

Location: Carr Lake on Orchard Pond Plantation 

500 Cedar Hill Road  Tallahassee, FL 32328




Tallahassee Nights Live

Tallahassee based and composed of many performers native to Tallahassee and Florida: 

Fondly known as TNL, Tallahassee Nights Live is a touring live music production featuring some of the best sounds of Jazz, R & B, Soul, Pop, Latin, Country, Rock, HipHop, Dance, Expressed Spoken Word (Poetry) and Hilarious Comedy. The event’s hosts are WHBX 96.1’s Joe Bullard and Black on Black Rhyme’s Keith Rodgers.

The appeal is universal and TNL offers a diverse musical journey which leaves its audiences extremely satisfied after every show. Each of its performers are passionate and dedicated to giving its fans first-class entertainment.



Royce Lovett & Band    

 Armed with an unmistakable voice, a spirited guitar, and lyrics drawn from the depths of his soul, Royce Lovett brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to music. After grooming his lyrical skills as an underground emcee, the Tallahassee native learned quickly that he had a desire to carve out his own musical path. This led the singer, songwriter, and rapper to blend his organic approach to lyricism with guitar-driven melodies and a unique urban flair.

“Music can motivate you to change, get into your mind and into your soul,” Lovett says. “It’s a ripple effect from one place to another.” It’s this motivation that acts as the catalyst for Lovett’s creative process.  



Garnet and Soul

Tallahassee based band: R&B, Jazz, Blues, and Country.


Teddy and the Rough Riders 

Nashville, TN based band: Country Rock and Roll Music.



DJ Loose Kid